See why King county area residents choose Safe Appliance Repair

Safe Appliance Repair was fast to arrive, friendly, and quick to finish. I appreciate that they didn’t leave a mess behind like some other companies I have worked with. I will be calling them the next time an appliance stops working.

Seattle, Martha, Dryer Repair

I had been having trouble with my refrigerator off and on for months. Half the time I was drying my clothes at the laundromat around the corner despite having other repair services come out to fix the problem. When I called Safe Appliance Repair, a technician showed up within an hour and had my refrigerator fixed in no time. No problems since.

Bellevue, Elizabeth, Refrigerator repair

One day I came downstairs to grab breakfast and realized my washer sounded too loud. I didn’t think this was normal, but I wasn’t sure, so I called Safe Appliance Repair. They were at the house within a few hours and told me that the problem was bigger than I had thought and could have permanently damaged the washer. It was a good thing I called when I did.

Redmond, Adam, Washer Repair

Right after a dinner party, my dishwasher stopped working. I pressed the buttons and nothing happened. Safe Appliance Repair came out the same day I called and got it working again. It was a huge relief because my house was a mess. If I have another appliance problem, I will call them again.

Renton, Mary, Dishwasher Repair

The other day, I went to set out some meat to thaw for dinner only to find it was already partially thawed in the freezer. While I couldn’t save everything, I wanted to get my freezer fixed before I lost hundreds in groceries. Safe Appliance Repair arrived quickly and had my freezer up and running in a few hours.

Issaquah, Ashley, Freezer Repair

My refrigerator quit working after a bad storm. The lights went out, and when they came back on, my refrigerator didn’t. I was afraid that the appliance was garbage and that the food inside would be too, but Safe Appliance Repair was able to fix it. We did go get a few coolers and ice so they had the time needed to fix it, but in the end, both the refrigerator and food were saved.

Milton, Michael, Refrigerator Repair

It took a little while to get the part they needed to fix my dishwasher, but they still finished the same day I called. I am happy with their service and would use them again.

Alderwood Manor, Anthony, Dishwasher Repair

I had a bad appliance week, needing help from Safe Appliance Repair twice due to a busted oven and then my stove. In both cases, they were there quickly and finished within two hours. While I am happy with their service, I am hoping I won’t need to call them for a while.

Mercer Island, Jennifer, Stove & Oven Repair